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Chuckie Makes Mistakes (Sometimes)

Amy Myers Jensen

March 2018 ISBN-13: 978-1984296993


Chuckie Makes Mistakes (Sometimes) is a book that explains how hard it can be to always be on your best behavior. However, with a few reminders, we can learn to be more considerate and kind to others. EVEN CHUCKIE! A special edition hardcover of this book is available through Kickstarter beginning April 25th, 2023.                                             Pre-order now at

Chuckie the Chocolate Lab is an extremely handsome and sometimes mischievous dog who loves to be the center of attention. He's the youngest of his siblings, and they often get frustrated with his silly antics.

Chuckie the Chocolate Lab has a large following on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest and is the subject of many memes. His followers enjoy seeing his silly and mischievous antics and his enthusiasm for life.


Chuckie is a Chocolate Lab, a handsome one indeed.

He always tries his very best, but does not always succeed.

Chuckie makes mistakes (sometimes)!